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Let's Guide

Programme: Erasmus +Sub-programme: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicesAction: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Title: LET´S GUIDE! Skills for entrepreneurship and internationalization promotion among

adult people


Erifo is the Italian partner of the project LET´S GUIDE! “LET’S GUIDE! The Entrepreneurial Guidance Tool” is an EU wide partnership project designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that best encourage success entrepreneurial and international activities among low-skilled adult people, potential

entrepreneurs, freelancers and unemployed in the age of 30-45 with a medium or long work experience.

The consortium will design an innovative on-line training /practical guide in form of INTERACTIVE LEARNING SCENARIOS SIMULATIONS for entrepreneurship education based on real life stories (MULTIMEDIA STORYTELLING APPROACH). The projects’ detailed research performed before the project launch will serve as a master study for all the other project activities, but in special for the development of a entrepreneurship profile and identification of partners´ countries specific needs in business creation

matter. The novel training approach in form of INTERACTIVE LEARNING SCENARIOS SIMULATIONS will be designed to help THE ASSESSMENT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL PROCESS DECISIONS. Let´s Guide Tool is a gamified learning motivation environment that enables training providers (organizations, trainers, educators) to inspire their learners to develop their skills, change behaviors and drive innovation.


Let’s Guide! project Objectives:

Our strategic partnership address two of the horizontal priorities relevant in the field of education, training and youth: promoting access to and learning trough Open Educational Resources (OER), supporting ICT-based teaching training. In the field of adult the partnership aims to improve and extend the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners, including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Enhance employability and business creation among European labor market;
  • Develop basic and transversal entrepreneurial skills and boost entrepreneurial training for adults in education;
  • Enhance entrepreneurship mindsets and skills for adult audiences via formal and non-formal educational settings;
  • Support people’s capacity for self-development and active inclusion through the development of tailored training materials, real life experience motivation and sharing of know-how between those active in entrepreneurship and the “potential” ones;
  • Develop innovative tools to allow adult people to assess and present their entrepreneurial skills and competences and pilot-test these tools in a group of 30 potential future entrepreneurs;

The direct target group to which the project’s outcomes are dedicated is:

(1) ADULT LEARNERS: low-skilled adult people, potential entrepreneurs, freelancers and unemployed with a medium or long work

experience. The age of this target varies depending on country and is between 30- 45. The project will involve directly about 200 participants. Not directly/further : (2) ADULT Teachers/organisations teaching entrepreneurship.

The project will:

– collect and evaluate the exact state of target training needs;

– identify the training requirements of the targeted end user group with respect to ICT-related topics;

– collect the necessary material and develop innovative learning methodologies;

– collect storytelling multimedia training content;

– produce Interactive multimedia training content infused with digital resources;

– develop innovative learning methodologies for the efficient delivery of training to the targeted user group that deploy;

– technological innovations in the area of distance teaching;


The basic methodology for the development of the proposed system constitutes of the following

basic tasks:

  1. Requirements analysis report & System specifications;
  2. Educational material development;
  3. Framework design and development;
  4. Publication of ICT learning enviorment guideliness for trainers;
  5. Implementation in the target group and Dissemination;
  6. Validation;


Expected Results: Innovative training approach for ADULT LEARNERS: low-skilled adult people, potential entrepreneurs, freelancers and unemployed implementation among all the partners’ countries. In detail, the potential benefits of Let’s Guide! is a participation in an innovative initiative that cultivates led change and economic development where it is most needed. Let’s Guide! will contribute enormously to inspire all the community and increase entrepreneurs opportunities at European and national level. As a short term

impact Let’s Guide! network expects to extend the use of innovative e-learning methodology of education and training in member countries. As a long term impact we expect to motivate adults and increase the number of companies across EU.