What We Do

Our Target:

–          Young people up to 29 years old

–          Apprentices and interns

–          Teachers and trainers

–          Unemployed and job seekers

–          Professionals in continuing education

–          Employees in continuing education



Our services:

–          Job Services: brokerage, specialised orientation, counselling for business creation and self-employment, placement and follow-up of internships.

–          Course for school and education staff members  (KA1)

–          Compulsory training courses for apprentices

–          Specialisation courses of pre-qualification for inactive job-less and unemployed

–          Qualification courses and professional updating training for workers and professionals

–          Service of European Project Design and Management to promote the access to the European Commission funding lines.

–          Organisation of cultural exchange, mobility and exchange of good practices across Europe

–          Social Researches driven by innovative methodology and trailblazing approaches

–          Development of Digital Storytelling to recount individual or corporate stories and disseminate them through web, TV and web TV, social networks, conferences, exhibitions and events