About us

Who are we?


ERIFO is a non-profit organization that provides employment services in accreditation with Regione Lazio, in agreement with the obligations of the Law 4 agosto 2017, n.124 - art 1.  

All the employment services we provide are FREE. As an employment agency, we provide the following services:

  • Registration of the staff that has to be hired (either identified by the enterprise or selected by us) in Active Labour Market Policies, with the objective of making the hiring process quicker and more economically advantageous for enterprises.

  • Support for enterprises interested in using bonus and regional facilitations for the hiring of new employees who were already registered in ALMP

  • Pre-selection and selection of candidates, according to the specific needs of the enterprise

  • Support in the enterprise start-up phase, entering into specific regional measures.


ERIFO is, moreover, a Higher and Continuing VET provider (HVET and CVET) in accreditation with Regione Lazio. As a VET provider, ERIFO delivers the following services:

  • Obligatory training for apprentices

  • Specific training aimed at labour inclusion and for the achievement of qualification (also through Title V).

  • Recognition of competences that come from non-formal and informal learning, with the purpose of achieving qualifications, according to the Determination of Regione Lazio (n. G07943 of 21/6/2018)

Finally, ERIFO is an Agency specialized in Certification of competences (executive decision of  the 13/12/2019 no. G17521 Lazio Region) for the following services:

  • Identification and Validation of Competences

  • Certification of Competences


The operators of ERIFO are habilitated for the recognition of competences deriving from non-formal and informal learning and, consequently, ERIFO can organize courses for tailor-made professional qualifications, achievable with a shorter length than regional standards, in presence of forms of learning that has already been achieved on the workplace.


  • Since 2004, registered as a research center within the National Research Register of the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research (Code 56529XXZ)

  • an experienced agency of Project Management specialised in EU projects

  • a  VET provider, accredited to the Lazio Region, for continuous and higher education (resolution n. B06642 dated 25/09/2012)

  • a  Training provider authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education for  induction and continuing professional development (prot. AOODGPE 26/10/2010)

  • a Body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services accredited to the Lazio Region (resolution  n.G10589 dated 23/07/2014)

  • a Regional agency for Job Brokerage, accredited to the Lazio Region (resolution n. G12701 dated 09/09/2014)

  • a Regional promoter, accredited to the Region Lazio (resolution n. G06418_2015 dated 26/05/2015), for  VET business partnerships aimed to promote work-based learning and the traineeships

  • a Regional agency for the assistance to business creation and self-employment, accredited to the Region Lazio (resolution n. G10350_2015 dated 01/09/2015)