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ERIFO Training and Research Organisation - Third Sector Organisation

Ente di Ricerca e Formazione - Ente del Terzo Settore


ERIFO ETS is an organisation accredited by the Lazio Region that provides, in an integrated approach, employment services for workers, unemployed people and enterprises, vocational training services and basic skills development, and services for the identification, validation and certification of skills in accordance with Legislative Decree 13/2013.

Since 2001, we have been active in European Union (EU) research-intervention and transnational mobility programmes for innovation in employment and training services; in 2021 we earned accreditation in the ERASMUS+ programme for Adult mobility.

ERIFO ETS is organised in four areas of activity that are strategically cross-functional to the pursuit of the association’s institutional mission:

  • Higher and continuous vocational training services, including compulsory training for apprentices, oriented towards the qualification, re-skilling and/or specialisation of workers and the unemployed, with the aim of contributing to quality and inclusive employment through the development of technical-professional and transversal skills required by the actual and forthcoming labour market.
  • Identification, validation and certification of competences services for the recognition of entry-level training credits for courses with a regional qualification or for the activation of procedures aimed at the certification of a qualification of the Lazio Region Repertoire or parts thereof (competence units). ERIFO is an Assessment Centre authorised by Lazio Region and values the work-based learning (WBL) experiences. Starting from 2020, we offer training courses to qualify to perform the functions of Operators of the skills system within the framework of regionally-owned services. In this context, we are the first organisation in Lazio in terms of course editions activated and Operators trained.
  • Employment services, vocational guidance and accompaniment to work, through the Lazio Region’s Active Labour Market Policy Programmes and measures, the activation of extra-curricular internships and non-formal training – for job seekers and companies to promote intermediation in the labour market, strengthen employability and the enhancement and/or recovery of key and transversal skills, for the growth of active citizenship and the insertion/re-insertion in the labour market of all those identified by regional and EU regulations as “disadvantaged subjects”.
  • Internationalisation of skills through the involvement in international programmes, a strategy aimed at empowering internal staff, local trainers and adult learners involved in basic skills development activities. In this context, we have joined the Network of Europe Desks of the Lazio Region, with the aim of encouraging – by public and private bodies, associations and organisations in Lazio – access to the funding opportunities offered by EU instruments and, in particular, transnational mobility. To this end, a free information desk is active at our premises from September 2021.


ERIFO Regione Lazio
  • Accredited Entity in the Erasmus+ Program KA1 – Adult Education (2021-2027) – Code 2020-1-IT02-KA120-ADU-094928


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