Training and validation of adults’ transferable skills  arises from the observation that throughout our life the knowledge we gain through our education and training paths, combined with our professional tasks and the different situations of our everyday life, make us informed, qualified and competent.


The French writer André Malraux said that the best education is the one that we do not realize to acquire. The main goal of this project has been that of helping people to become aware of what they have already learnt, that is to say of the knowledge gained through non formal and informal learning, in order to enhance their empowerment and their employability.

The final outcome of the ADVALUE project is a TRAINING KIT helping teachers and trainers to develop in their learners – through informal methodologies – 10 transversal transferable skills.

ERIFO developed two skills: Leadership and Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The training paths have been validated in three experimental sessions. The testing was carried out using not only non formal and informal methodologies but also non formal and informal contexts.

It contains learners’ experiences, some ideas and suggestions emerged in a debriefing and the images of the realized pilots.

Participants in the pilot sessions were: students, workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. The work groups have been organised with mixed targets, in order to foster dialogue and exchange of experiences during the debriefing.

From the pilots emerged some hints and suggestions which have been accepted and adopted in the development of the methodology and training contents. The implementation took place at the end of each experimental session, so each group participated in a course amended by the previous one.

The on going assessment path made the end modules much more operational and concrete than those originally designed.

The final outcome consist of two training modules, completely based on an experiential methodology.