AMEdEI “Adult Multicultural Εducation and Εuropean Ιdentity”: The project activities addressed on people at risk of exclusion, members of the social groups with difficulties, unemployed people different backgrounds and nationality, migrants, travelers, gypsy.

They presented an urgent need to be educated, to be motivated in developing the necessary skills, Key competence, for a better inclusion in society,in order, to get knowledge about an easier integration as active European citizens, to be offered them equal chances to be informed and be brought closer to the culture of the European social space and environment.


The project tackles an important aspect of the European enlargement process, to improving the quality and accessibility of mobility, helping learners to develop transversal competences such as social, civic, cultural and intercultural competences and entrepreneurship, in order to adapt them to the changing society and the requirements of labor market.

The outcomes achieved helped and will help the target groups to enhance the skills and social abilities, increasing intellectual interests and promoting their socio- cultural integration.

Through our activities, transnational meetings, outcomes and final products addressed to the learners, young, adults, members, volunteers we contribute in growing, developing their confidence of belonging to European identity.

The six partners worked out and published a Manual-module for adult education trainers on intercultural and multicultural education, drawing upon the “key competences for lifelong learning”.

The manual consist of 5 chapters as follows:

– Digital competence-Spanish partner;
– Learning to learn;
– Interpersonal and civic competences;
– Initiatives and entrepreneurship,
– Cultural awareness and expression.


The project had improved new skills, knowledge, razing cultural level of the target groups, increasing their social abilities, their intellectual interests, promoting the socio cultural integration of these groups, developing the feeling of being part of a shared European identity.


Every institution had to bring their original contribution, they had organized special cultural events, workshops, lessons in Key Competence for learners, adults interested to adapt their abilities and competence for a easier integration on community life as active European citizens.


The coordinator for this projects was ELLINIKI ETAIRIA Perivallontos kai Politismou.

The other partners were:

for Italy, E.Ri.Fo. e O.S.A. ;
for Romania, “OLTENIA”,
for Poland, “Wiedza Powszechna”,
for Spain “IES Politécnico Las Palmas”.