About us


  • Since 2004, registered as a research center within the National Research Register of the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research (Code 56529XXZ)

  • an experienced agency of Project Management specialised in EU projects

  • a  VET provider, accredited to the Lazio Region, for continuous and higher education (resolution n. B06642 dated 25/09/2012)

  • a  Training provider authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education for  induction and continuing professional development (prot. AOODGPE 26/10/2010)

  • a Body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services accredited to the Lazio Region (resolution  n.G10589 dated 23/07/2014)

  • a Regional agency for Job Brokerage, accredited to the Lazio Region (resolution n. G12701 dated 09/09/2014)

  • a Regional promoter, accredited to the Region Lazio (resolution n. G06418_2015 dated 26/05/2015), for  VET business partnerships aimed to promote work-based learning and the traineeships

  • a Regional agency for the assistance to business creation and self-employment, accredited to the Region Lazio (resolution n. G10350_2015 dated 01/09/2015)

Our Numbers

In Europe, Erifo can count on the following successes:

  • 15+ years experience on EU project design and management

  • 100+ mobility for adults in Lifelong Learning Programme

  • 65 mobility for VET learners and staff within Erasmus Plus programme

  • Partner in 8 project of Lifelong Learning Programme

  • Lead applicant in 4 centralised project of Lifelong Learning Programme

  • Coordinator of a Sector Skill Alliance within Erasmus Plus Programme

  • Partner in 10 project of Erasmus Plus Programme

  • Lead applicant in 2 Strategic Partnership (VET and high education)



In Italy, in the last year, ERIFO ha provided courses and training for:

  • 60 NEET

  • 25 apprentices

  • 100 teachers/trainers coming from all over Europe


As job broker ERIFO, during the last year, has:


  • Provided specialised orientation for 300+ users

  • Activated 200 internship aimed to job placement

  • Promoted 120 new employment contracts

  • Assisted 20 youths in their business creation