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In 2014, FAO sent a message to producers from all over the world encouraging them to change their production system, optimize their strategies on the use of resources and assure sustainability, in order to fight climate change.


DEP project and, specifically, the use of Drones offer a variety of interesting
opportunities in the field of agriculture to address such requirements.
The use of drones would help to the modernization and innovation of the agricultural sector, bringing it closer to 21st century society and turning it into an attractive career opportunity for young people whom, particularly in rural areas, face a series of serious problems including: marginalization, a lack of correct resources, a level of education below that available in towns and cities and poor career projection.

Target group is composed by VET agriculture students.
One of the purpose of the project will be to establish an European Platform on drones that acts as an international and open information exchange network in which users can share their practices and ideas, in particular about the use of drones in the agricultural sector.
Since drones are certainly playing an important role for the development of future labour market, a series of objectives will be developed.



  • To include innovative technology in VET specifically in agriculture curriculum.

  • To develop a Drone Course at the European level.

  • To increase the skills and knowledge of teachers in the area of drones and their ability transmit and implement it on the learning process of their students.

  • To prepare students with the skills to find a job more easily.

  • To train other trainers to acquire current knowledge and to prepare them to transmit that information to their students.

  • To convert countryside and agricultural job in an attractive career for youngsters.

  • To learn from the different countries participating in the project and their national legislation, the uses of the drones in their countries and the trends drones are initiating.

  • To establish a network of knowledge and exchange of ideas at European level that helps to learn and acquire the necessary skills to use drones.

With DEP project, we plan to training people who will be able to have competences in the use of drones that will materialize in:

  • Competence in building a drone and identifying the required components and assembly for a proper operation.

  • Competence in flying a drone safety.

  • Competence in training others in the use/application of drones

  • Competence in using the DEP platform in order to look for drone information (legislation, foreign businesses...).

  • Competence in the application of drones in precision agriculture.

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