A main aim of the DiverPass project is to support the setting up of - and access to - upskilling identifications and screening, learning offers adapted to individual learning needs, recognition of flexible modes of learning and through the validation of skills acquire through informal and non-formal learning on the basis of suggested voluntary activities to migrant learners as relevant professional experience that may open the way to a qualification through a VPL process.


The DiverPass project addresses: professionals/educators with various profiles (paid staff /volunteers, in urban/rural territories, with diverse educative background) working with migrants in order to support them in identifying and acquiring key transversal competences and therefore enhance their transition into the labour market Another public gather migrants with various profiles –low & highly qualifiedmale/female, junior/senior (at least 18 years), all types of status- refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants, family reunification…) to facilitate the Valuing of Prior Learning (VPL) on the basis of their work experience and skills acquired both in their native countries and in the host country.