From the ambitious objectives of improving the excellence and the quality of the professional training, of boosting the international dimension and promoting the modernization and attractiveness of the VET sector, the project ECVET step-by-step was created by ERIFO – Ente per la Ricerca e Formazione.


The project is connected to the ongoing European process that promotes the transparency of the qualifications inside the VET sector through the recognition, qualification and validation of competences acquired through informal and non-formal activities.


During the life of the project, from 01/11/2015 to 30/10/2015, it has been realized 51 mobilities abroad at the European level, involving trainers and potential trainers, volunteers and stakeholder inside and outside the network of ERIFO, with the specific aim to acquire, consolidate and transmit the methodological and operative competence for the use of the ECVET tool, in order to strengthen the design of formal, non-formal and informal training programs, with credits immediately recognizable and expendable at transnational level.


The partnership of the ECVET step-by-step project has put together different realities with a solid reputation at European level and a recognized experience in the VET sector, from five different European countries: the Kenliworth Language Institute in Ireland and the EPAL Edikis Agogis of Heraklion in Greece, where it has been realized the activity of teaching/training assignments abroad from ERIFO’s experts on the designing of training courses through the ECVET; the Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V. in Germany, the Asociation Cultural Media Ethics in Spain, and the Jyvaskylan Koulutuskuntayhtyma in Finland, where it has been realized the activity of staff training abroad to acquire the ECVET techniques.


Through the two different types of activity – realized through the job shadowing – it has been realized with success the import and export of expertise on the use of the instrument ECVET, desired since the designing phase of the Project and shared with the European partners. The project had a great impact on the beneficiaries, who are the staff and the learners of the sending organization and the staff of the receiving organizations, in relation with the acquisition of the ability to design training programs through the instrument ECVET in order to internationalize the training offer of the organizations involved, the sharing of experiences and exchange of best practices among colleagues who share the same mission, for a professional, personal and human enrichment.


For most of the participants was the first time of a mobility abroad at European level, as it emerged from the questionnaires of evaluation of the activities, with the auspice to take part to future similar experiences.


Eventually the project has a strong indirect impact on the stakeholder, reached through the dissemination activities, and on new potential learners who will be able to take advantage of innovative training courses realized through the ECVET methodology inside the catalogue of ERIFO for the call KA1 2015 – 2016.

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