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4EXPORT - Apprenticeship training for internationalization activities

KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Project code: 2019-1-ES01-KA202-063864

Capofila: FYG Consultores

4EXPORT intends to stimulate the use of interdisciplinary apprenticeship as a tool to boost

internationalisation, promoting the entrance of young, skilled employees in SMEs who can take

care of internationalisation activities through interdisciplinary apprenticeship education.

4EXPORT wants to provide them with the tools to implement efficient and high-quality

interdisciplinary apprenticeship programs that promote internationalization.


Internationalisation is a quite common topic of discussion in nowadays’ education; however, most of the times it refers to the internationalisation of the education, rather than learning about

internationalisation. While it is easy to find information about this first topic (e.g. Building

knowledge on international cooperation in VET Report, EC), finding courses devoted to assisting the internationalisation of firms becomes rather complicated in VET education.

Yet, internationalisation of EU countries accounts for 1/3 of the world’s exports, and especially

some of the partner countries (Italy, Spain) account next to FR, UK and GE for around 20% of the world’s exports (and 56% of EU). It is necessary for EU companies (especially SMEs) to find suitable workers who are able to help them go through the internationalisation process effectively. Hence, it is necessary for students to have the possibility to learn about internationalisation before entering the labour market, in order to provide them with tools to help organisations in this task.


On other terms, interdisciplinary apprenticeship has been proven to be a key way to add to a

company an innovative perspective of the work to be done, as well as to become a benefit

because the apprentice learns how to work in the company and becomes a useful employee later on. Entering in a company as an apprentice rises the loyalty when becoming an employee, increasing the efficiency and willingness to work for the company.


The purpose of 4EXPORT is to help the current international position of the EU by providing keys to help students learn how to boost international competitiveness. The partnership will produce the following outputs:

1) An In-depth research/comparative analysis of WBL schemes and specifically apprenticeships, providing a need analysis for the profile of in-company tutors (SMEs) operating with apprenticeship programmes focused on internationalisation activities.

2) A Curriculum programme for the in-company tutors (SMEs) of internationalisation

activities (MOOC).

3) An interactive web platform which will join the MOOC including the curriculum programme, an interactive page for users and any required information related to the project.

4) A Self-Directed Learning Guide to support in-company trainers in their work with WBL schemes, and to help them use the curriculum programme and MOOC created by the project.


4EXPORT consortium consists of instalofi levante sl (Spain), ccs digital education limited (Ireland),stowarzyszenie centrum wspierania edukacji i przedsiebiorczosci (Poland) and E.RI.FO. - ente di ricerca e sviluppo, the only Italian partner.