Erasmus+ Accreditation 2021-2027

ERIFO is proud to announce that is an accredited association in the field of Adult Education KA120 for the next 7 years of the Programme. We'd like to thank the Italian National Agency INDIRE for this incredible opportunity!

Press Release - MASTERS

MASTERS is a project funded by Erasmus+ Programme which aims to promote the apprenticeship and support the role of in-company tutors in SMEs at European level. Would you like to know more? Please find here the first Press Release


The last Thursday ERIFO attended the Brokerage Event organized by European Vocational Training Association - EVTA, Camera Di Commercio Belgo-Italiana e Coopération Bancaire pour l'Europe in Brussels.
We discussed together about the Erasmus+ Programme and we had the opportunity to establish new transnational partnerships for the forthcoming calls.

MASTERS - 1° Kick-off Meeting

On 21st - 22nd November 2019 the Kick-off Meeting of MASTERS project took place. Thanks to CWEP for hosting us in Rzeszow (Poland). MASTERS intends to promote apprenticeships in small and micro enterprises by developing a set of tools to support professionals of the sector. MASTERS is funded by Erasmus + Programme.

Canvass+ - The first Joint Staff Training Event

From 10th to 15th November, the first Joint Staff Training Event of the European Project Canvass + took place in Marbella. Firstly thank you to Colegio Las Chapas-Ecos for the warm hospitality and for showing us the teaching methods, integrated with digital tools and platforms, they have adopted. Thanks also to the international partners and teachers who have actively participated in this training activity by sharing experiences and feedbacks.

ARIVE - 5th transnational meeting of the prioject

For the 5th transnational meeting of the prioject ARIVE partners gathered in Larissa (Greece) hosted by the Greek vocational training centre DIMITRA. The talent management expert Roger Van De Winkel also participated in the meeting and held a training on how to integrate the Quick Scan into the INTEGRASS toolkit for a more effective and quicker assessment of refugees and asylum seekers' level of integration

ASK4JOB - 4th transnational project meeting

The fourth Ask4JOB transnational project meeting was held on November 7-8 2019, hosted by Turgutlu Kaymakamligi in the Park City Hotel, in Turgutlu.

Being the last consortium encounter before the final TPM that will take place in Brussels in half 2020, the 4th meeting represented a fundamental opportunity for all partners for discussing the strategies to be adopted in order to review the IO2 MOOC structure, define the methodological pathway that will lead to the IO3 piloting and share the contents of what has been elaborated so far. 


We are pleased to present one of the new European projects in which ERIFO is directly involved. CORAL connects 9 partners from 8 different Member States to jointly improve the educational offer related to entrepreneurial skills. The project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, aims to boost the employability of low-skilled adults and reduce the risk of social exclusion.

4EXPORT_Kick-off Meeting

On October 15th and 16th, at FyG Consultores’ premises in Valencia, the Kick-off Meeting of the European Project “4Export” took place. The partnership, spread over 4 Member States, intends to stimulate the use of interdisciplinary apprenticeship as a tool to boost internationalisation.
The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme

EDUDRONE - Multiplier Event EDUDRONE

On the 23rd September ERIFO organized a Multiplier event within the framework of the Erasmus+ project EDUDRONE which has now reached its final phase. During the event, an ERIFO staff member presented the EDUDRONE European Platform, an international and open information exchange network in which users can share their practices and ideas, in particular about the use of drones in the agricultural sector. Participants also learned more about the Drone Training Course and the manual on the use of drones in precision agriculture.


On Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September 20 2019, ERIFO will participate to the ThirdCareersNet, an event organized by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP). The event, hosted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and the National Agency for Active Labour Market Policies (ANPAL), will represent a fundamental opportunity to discuss the post-2020 policies and strategies that will try to strengthen lifelong guidance and career education.

The 4th Transnational Meeting of the European project IntoDIGITS

The days 9-10 October 2019 the 4th Transnational Meeting of the European project IntoDIGITS took place in Rome, hosted by the Italian partner ERIFO. The main topics discussed with the international partners were related to the design of the 42 Numeracy and Digital Workshops, which will help trainers in supporting low skilled adults.   

The 3rd Transnational Meeting and the Final Conference of “Safe School” Project,

From 24 to 26 July 2019 the 3rd Transnational Meeting and the Final Conference of “Safe School” Project, took place in Bucharest (Romania).
This project, funded by the European Programme Erasmus +, developed an Online Course about methodologies to prevent and contrast bullying at school.
Was developed a Tool Kit as well, including info graphics, interactive games, videos, etc. Teachers/professionals can integrate this Tool Kit into academic paths.
Both tools were presented during the Final Conference, in the presence of an audience composed by more than 50 stakeholders.

The Third WBL Guarantee Transnational Project

The Third WBL Guarantee Transnational Project Meeting was held on June 3/4 in Limassol, hosted by CPC. Partners met to discuss the advancement of the project, sharing ideas, thoughts and findings and developing new projects for the future. A strong attention was reserved to the planning of the IO4 and 5, the piloting actions that will test the contents of the Curriculum Programmes for Job Counsellor and In-Company Tutor. For more information. write


Safe School, safe community – Say NO  to bullying”

On 29 and 30 of May, at the ERIFO’s workplace, the Multiplier Event of the European Project “Safe School” took place. Projects’ results have been shown to teachers, trainers and parents who had the opportunity to provide feedbacks, which will be evaluated by Consortium in order to better tailor the Online Course on the target needs. 

EDUDRONE “Cascade Training”

This morning  the “Cascade Training” held by ERIFO, partner of Drone European Platform project, took place at the Emilio Sereni Agricultural Technical Institute.
DEP is addressed to the young future entrepreneurs and professional in agricultural field. The feedbacks received from the 50 participating students, will contribute in improving the on-line drone course which will be uploaded on the digital open source platform   

AMICO: The National Agency INDIRE gave AMICO a final evaluation of 90/100

It is with high satisfaction that we announce that the National Agency INDIRE gave AMICO a final evaluation of 90/100.

We want to say thanks to the National Agency for the positive evaluation of the work of our partnership

Opening of new headquarters in Rome

We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the new ERIFO headquarters: it will be a precious opportunity for discussion, to share new projects and to work together! Do not miss!


Un progetto europeo che comprende sette organizzazioni della società civile in partenariato, capofila, l’ente italiano Erifo.

Interculturality Mobility

Workshop: mobility in Europe and intercultural skills


Advisor Inboard



Ask4Job - 2nd Transnational Meeting in Chania (Greece)

During the event there has been a workshop on "problem solving in adult education" 

The 2nd AperiJob organized by ERIFO

The 2nd AperiJob organized by ERIFO was held yesterday, March 22nd 2018. An open format, combining occasions for counselling on Regional, National and European opportunities about work and mobility, with sectorial deepening on strategies for the promotion of employment, in both subordinate and autonomous
In the framework of the 2nd AperiJob, two relevant pilot events took place in
- The first Transnational Mobility Speed Meeting of the AMICO project – “A new Alliance for Mobility InComing and Outgoing”, during which applications of our users were presented to European ICT enterprises, in order to promote ERASMUS-PRO mobility;
-the presentation of the LET’S GUIDE platform to pilot a new course which aims to foster entrepreneurship and internationalization among aspiring entrepreneurs.
We sincerely thank all the participants for their time.

IntoDigits - 1° Press Release

The first press release of the project Intodigits is online; the project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme and will develop a training course for adults with low numeracy and digital skills.
DOWNLOAD Press Release


Il prossimo martedì 12 dicembre, alle ore 17:30 sarà organizzato un aperitivo dedicato ai servizi offerti da ERIFO ed ai vantaggi che possono scaturire sia per le imprese che per i consulenti del lavoro.

Ask4Job - Kick off Meeting

On the 6th and 7th November 2017, ERIFO has hosted the Kick off Meeting of the project ASK4JOB - “Adult Skills for Job Oriented Breakthrough”. The project will support the creation of an  pan-European  educational pathway for log-term unemployed, low-skilled adults, in order to contribute to their digital citizenship and  digital inclusion.


On 13rd and 14th July ERIFO attended the the Job Broker fourth partnership meeting in Larissa (Greece).


L2L Project is close to its consclusion. During the last two years lots of objectives have been achieved; if you want to know more read our press release!


On 4th&5th July ERIFO attended the Final transnational event of Cultour Project that was held by GOI, Turkish partner in Istanbul.