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Flipped Classroom Approach-Based  Professional Development for VET Trainers



ERIFO is the national partner of Flipped-VET. This Flipped Classroom Approach-Based Professional Development project for VET Trainers (Flipped-VET) will contribute to the professional development of VET trainers from 5 countries (Turkey, France, Spain, Italy and Germany) who will be trained in using the Flipped Classroom Approach that increase the online quality of training and other courses. Considering the current technological innovations and recommendations, Flipped-VET project will strengthen the professional development of  trainers in different vocational fields, a requirement that helps to make their training more attractive.This project will also combine the professional development of VET trainers with the implementation of Flipped methodology thus enhancing their VET skills. The Flipped platform and the web-site of the project will provide opportunities for further communication and cooperation among VET trainers of trainees.



The project partners will be responsible for reviewing the literature, determining needs analyses, developing a guideline for trainers,  preparing some tutorial videos for the trainers and a training of trainers based on a well-developed intensive training based on their own needs.


The tutorial videos will also be available in Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian and German language.

This process will enhance trainers’ experience concerning the use of Flipped Classroom Approach in their trainings, will widen their expertise in several dimensions of trainers and will enable relevant VET trainers and trainees to implement this training.


All the project materials, outcomes, intensive training program, best practices through the Flipped approach will serve an innovative action towards the professional development of different VET trainers across Europe. The relevant stakeholder, VET policy makers, VET trainers and trainees, and vocational educational community will benefit from all outcomes of this project which will be available on the project’s web-site.