The inter-Generational European Memories is a project which is implemented under the program Grundtvig Learning Partnership, which began in September 2012 and will end in July 2014.

This partnership directly involves 6 organizations from 6 different European countries:

Poland, Turkey, France, Austria, Italy and Spain.


The idea of the project is to collect the memories of the elderly, proveninenti by the participating countries, about people, places and events that may be important for the local community. These activities focus on 3 areas: the design and systematic storage of memories of the elderly (MEMORIES), the transmission of knowledge through ICT (ACTIVE AGEING) and dialogue between generations (intergenerational solidarity).


Thanks to the traditional ways of working and innovative, the elderly, who have no ICT skills, will be able to achieve adequate levels of knowledge in these matters and will be able to learn, breaking the psychological barriers, even with the help of young instructors.

Through the research project will be made of the training courses for the elderly using the biographical method. Each partner will realize in fact a training course and a laboratory biography.


The materials will be uploaded to the network, in areas of free access. Thanks to the use of ICT tools, you can also create an encyclopedia, the “ Little memory book ” cthat will contain the descriptions and characteristics of people, places and facts relevant to the local community and narrated through the eyes of the elderly. The materials will also be uploaded to the website European Shared Treasure.


Using these tools you can share the results of the project and make them become Europe’s cultural heritage.

The project inter-Generational European Memories plans to organize a number of cultural exchanges, as a contribution in support of European mobility of students and professionals engaged in adult education. In fact, another key objective of the project is to increase knowledge about the participating countries and their cultures.


The partners come from a wide range of European countries (Italy, Poland, France, Turkey, Spain and Austria) and will host the meetings of mobility that will ensure due process for intercultural exchange of ideas, thanks to which will increase tolerance and understanding for citizens of other countries at European level.

The final goal of the GEM project will be organizing an international scientific conference which will present the details of the project, the encyclopedia “Little memory book” and the results of the research done through the biographical method. Also one of the products of the project will be a scientific publication, which will include details of the research process, the concepts and information about the effects achieved by the project.