INMA (Innovation Management Agents in SMEs) project aims to transfer to other European countries an Occupational competences Profile, Curriculum, Training program materials and tools, of proved efficiency, that will enable new recipient countries to train effective Innovation Managers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes demanded by the current labour market.


INMA project complements the 2 previous “Innovation Manager” LLL projects, this second transference of “Innovation Manager in SMEs” will complement previous works by extending the implementation of INMA profile, training pack materials and tools to the recipient countries.
INMA project involves partner institutions from Turkey, Italy, Portugal, and Romania.

The consortium is composed by:

Cankiri Karatekin University (

CCSA – Cankiri Civil Society Association (

DOCUMENTA – Asociación Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formación y el Desarrollo (

ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (

ERIFO Ente di Ricerca e Formazione ( )

ADRSM Agentia Pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Sud-Muntenia (

All the partner institutions have been chosen because of their previous experience in the development of European projects regarding training and employment. They all have extensive knowledge of the area and solid relationships with actors and stakeholders at national and European level.

This project aims to respond to specific needs in recipient countries that are being aggravated by the current crisis. In particular, it has the following specific objectives:

Promoting Labour market integration of young unemployed with academic qualifications; Employability of women with academic qualifications returning to the labour market after a long period; Skills update of individuals with academic qualifications, who are unemployed, or hold job positions below their qualification level and look for a job position promotion.
Transfer Innovation Management Agent training platform, tools and materials.
Encourage women incorporation to the Innovation sector.

Promoting innovation in European SMEs as the main tool to facilitate sustainability, learning throughout life, and adjusting to the changes at European level.
Help to reduce individual innovation investment of European SMEs (mainly small enterprises) fostering a Knowledge Europe and SME competitiveness.
Promote transnational networking and exchange between enterprises and VET providers at European level, applying theory to the European business scene, through the practical work performed by the Innovation Managers in SMEs.

Promote ECVET Innovation Manager Curricula at European level.

The project started in November 2015 and it will last until October 2017. The Consortium will cooperate for the whole project lifetime with the objective to achieve in recipient countries the following innovative results:

Creation of qualified employment;
Creation of employment for women preferably;
Overcoming digital gap fewer women than men in ICTS;
Innovation challenges of SMEs.

The main expected result of the transference of the “Innovation Management Agent” training contents, tools and materials to other European countries is on one side to equip a greater number of educators and VET providers, at European level, with an effective and updated comprehensive training program to train and prepare individuals on high work based academic qualifications, who are currently unemployed or working in jobs below their educational level, and increase their chances of job integration or promotion.
Furthermore, providing a training program for the development of Innovation Management competences matching the requirements of the new jobs of the future labour market. On the other hand, it is expected to increase the implementation of innovations in SMEs in the countries of destination.