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Programme: Erasmus +Sub-programme: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


Action: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training



INTERCULTURALITY – MOBILITY: development and validation of inter-cultural competences amongst VET professionals to improve the delivery of VET mobility programmes in the EU




ERIFO is a partner of INTERCULTURALITY – MOBILITY. The 2 year Project will gather six European Organizations specialized in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of VET activities and programs. They have strong credentials on cultural competence and convinced of the importance to raise the cultural competences amongst VET mobility programs and those taking part in VET mobility activities.


The project context takes into consideration the assessment that VET mobility programs, and qualified VET providers as well, can facilitate the social integration / inclusion of minority ethnic people across EU and the identification of the necessity to build a safe space for young adult from marginalized groups to foster their professional integration.


The main objective of the project is to support and promote social inclusion and integration of young adult people / ethnic communities / migrants / marginalized groups through mobility programs.


This goal will be achieved via the development and validation of intercultural competence framework among VET professionals to improve the delivery of VET mobility programs in the EU.


The project will focus on the development of  professional profile of the Intercultural VET Provider, who have to be able to provide quality training programs in multicultural environment. All EU citizens, for a better social integration, should be equipped with the required cultural competences in order to be able to adapt and be more effective when they are faced with working/learning across different cultures in different geographical settings.


The project puts emphasis on young adult migrants who can be the first beneficiaries of VET Mobility programs with a view to support and facilitate their socio-professional integration.The project addresses inclusive education, training and youth, creates synergies between these fields and brings added value at a EU level through results and impacts that will be more important than when carried out only at national level.


The project strengthens interculturalism as a key competence in VET Program, and promotes transparency and recognition of skills to facilitate learning, employability and labour mobility.


The primary target group of the project are VET Providers (2Xorg). The secondary target group is composed by young people and adults involved in VET mobility programs (12Xorg). EAL provides with 2 Master Trainers. Stakeholders and other participants will be involved in local promotional event and the finale seminar.


The project includes the need to (IO1) provide a comparative overview of cultural based competence of VET Providers in order to identify the current role, qualifications and key competences of VET  Providers. The implementation of an innovative and modular intercultural competence program (IO2) for VET Providers, which will be tested. A toolkit for transparency and recognition of non-formal and informal learning for VET providers will be developed (IO3). A toolkit for intercultural competences for VET Providers (IO4) will contain a set of experiences and innovative guidelines with the 10 Top Skills necessary to become an Intercultural VET Provider able to develop VET mobility programs and to support mobility. These outputs will provide VET providers with skills, competences and knowledge to design and implement VET mobility experiences for learners and to foster social integration through VET mobility programs. Thus, this project will not only ensure a fair and equal Europe but will also promote VET mobility programs for all EU citizens.


The partners will also implement a dissemination strategy at European, National and Local level including the production, launch and promotion of proper web site; Facebook Group and digital leaflets; project newsletters will circulate by email and the publication of news and blog information on partner websites as well as evaluation report and final report (IO5).