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A project aimed at renewing the training offers in VET field in order to facilitate the transition towards the industry 4.0.


This is “INVET”, acronym of “INDUSTRY 4.0 for VET”, project financed by Erasmus+ in which ERIFO is actively involved as partner.

What exactly does Industry 4.0 mean and why should it be a reason for a change in the training field?
Industry 4.0 represents an already underway revolution which has given centrality to the Internet of Things, Data and Services fields. Just alike mechanization and steam have been crucial for the first industrial revolution, the assembly line for the second industrial revolution and informatics for the third one.

The novelty lies in the production paradigm shift from a “centralized” production, which is the main in use nowadays, to a “decentralized” one in which the equipment interact among themselves thanks to the newest advanced technologies.

The use of methodologies and tools related with Industry 4.0 represent a save of money and time and allows a major flexibility. Furthermore, Industry 4.0 promise to improve the quality of life while increasing productivity and exempting us from the monotonous or physically demanding working tasks.

The Consortium of INDUSTRY 4.0 for VET is composed by bit cz training (Czech Republic), FyG (Spain), bit Schulungscenter (Austria), Centro de formación Profesional Xabec (Spain), LBS Murau (Austria) while ERIFO and l’Istituto Tecnico Agrario Emilio Sereni are the Italian partners.

The project address several objectives, both at local and European level, in order to support the young people involved into the vocational training and education pathways, giving them major economic and work opportunities in a complex and always challenging job market context.

This is enabled by ICT innovative tools and by:


  • updating VET operators skills and methodologies respect labor market demand;

  • support the reduction of unemployment among young people by anticipating structural changes;

  • developing the transversal technical skills for Industry 4.0;

  • adapting the content of the training to the needs of the labor market and facilitate the transition from the education to work field;

  • promote technical education to foster active citizenship, support employability and the creation of new businesses;

With this project, ERIFO and the other Italian partner Technical Agricultural Institute “Emilio Sereni”, want to highlight the need of an adequate training linked with Industry 4.0, which is a fundamental improvement that Italy has to do since is located below the European average in 4.0 training offer.

invet foto.png

Riunione dei rappresentanti del consorzio InVET 4.0 a Praga