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International Peace Promotion Action: the peace and sustainability concepts Keyword density, are the cornerstones for the survival of humanity in the 21st century, as well as the essential prerequisite for promoting cooperation, inclusion, social equity, but also the knowledge and creativity.


Although, nowadays, peace is a global development central concept, its value, surprisingly, is still not well understood. There are many definitions of peace and most of the ongoing reflections on this theme focuses on its opposite, namely war / conflict. Basically, the concept of peace has not been studied as an autonomous subject by the economic, historical, literary, political or international sciences so far. The difficulties in defining “ peace” are likely to be due to the problems encountered in quantifying the States’ “pacifism” levels. Still if we mean for peace the absence of violence, that can make its analysis and measurement easier.


The value of peace is, therefore, to be still fully investigated and IPPA project (International Peace Promotion Action) promoted by the European Commission within the Grundtvig program partnership, intends to contribute to bring to light suggestions and ideas to identify and quantify the added value of peace to 21st century humanity development.

IPPA started a transnational prize awardfor the best short about the peace.  The contest involved five Countries: Italy, Lithuania, Iceland, Turkey and Cyprus. The prize offered to all the European Citizens the chance to participate in the dialogue on the meaning of the word “peace”, as an indispensable prerequisite for a responsible development in economy, creativity, knowledge and people social equity.