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Job Broker – Competency and Learning Development for Job Brokers in the EU” Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices





E.RI.FO – Ente per la Ricerca e Formazione is an European partner in the project “Job Broker” – “Competency and Learning Development for Job Brokers in the EU” – Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-Erasmus+.

Job Broker” represents the second phase of a first initiative developed by a consortium of partners under the Program “Leonardo Da Vinci” Multilateral Partnership during the years of 2013 – 2015. The project is implements the priorities of the Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020 because it aims to create and validate a new curriculum of Job Broker.


This new curriculum will contribute to answer in a proper way to the new challenges of the job market, through the empowerment of the quality, efficiency and attraction of VET. Furthermore, the project aims to implement the Europe 2020 strategy to promote the employability of the 75% of the population aged between 20-64 years old and its initiatives of “inclusive growth” through the recognition of a curriculum that will support the success rate of the VET for matching the market’s demand and supply, especially for young people. Facing the recent high level of unemployment rate in the European countries, the Job Broker profile – for its main features – can play a crucial role. In some European countries the VET haven’t developed researchers aimed to define the methods to facilitate the dynamics of the job market and they haven’t the tools to do so.


In this way, the role of Job Broker can be developed to understand the dynamics of the job market and to give answers to the demand of the employers and to the job seekers.

The main activities foreseen in the project are:

1) The production of a compared research at the European transnational level on the policies, the best practices and the carrier of a Job Broker;

2) The development of a profile of Job Broker related to the national and European frame of qualifications;

3) The designing and development of a curriculum and of a strategy “train the trainers” to ensure an incisive brokerage;

4) The production of an innovative tool for the vocational guidance for the Job Brokers;

5) The recognition and validation of the new curriculum;

6) The development of a net of organizations and VET institutions and other actors to support the mobility of Job Brokers at the European level.



The partnership is composed by eight partners:

1. RINOVA LIMITED: leader of the project from U.K. – Rinova is a development and consultancy company, supporting partners and clients to design, deliver and improve services that they offer in the working areas for over 25 years, namely: “Employment, Skills and Learning, Arts & Culture e Social Action and Enterprise” (



2. VINNUMÁLASTOFNUN: Directorate of Labour (Vinnumálastofnun),being part of the Minister of Social Affairs, and has the management of the employment service within Iceland state as well as the daily expedition of the Unemployment Benefit Fund, the Wage Guarantee Fund, the Childbirth Leave Fund and payments to parents of children with long term illness. (



3. GSUB – GESELLSCHAFT FÜR SOZIALE UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNG MBH: gsubmbH was founded in 1991 with the purpose of implementing labour market policies in reunified Berlin and has evolved over the following years into a service provider in the public sector. GsubmbH is now active in the following fields of employment and labour market policy, education policy, economic policy, children and youth policy and integration policy (



4. E.RI.FO – ENTE DI RICERCA E FORMAZIONE: E.RI.FO is an accredited VET provider, authorized by the Region Lazio (resolution by Lazio Region n. B06642 date 25/09/2012) and it is accredited to the Ministry of Education for the lifelong learning of staff school, for both traditional and distance-learning courses. ERIFO has recently obtained the accreditation as “Body providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services” (resolution by Lazio Region n.G10589 date 23/07/2014 – employment specialist services; resolution by Lazio Region n. G12701 date 09/09/2014 – employment mandatory services), and it is operating as provider under the Youth Guarantee Program during the years 2014-2017 (



5. ASOCIACIÓN INSTITUTO EUROPEO DE ESTUDIOS PARA LA FORMACIÓN Y EL DESARROLLO – DOCUMENTA: DOCUMENTA is a non-profit organization working in the field of “applied social research”, whose main aim is the introduction of a model of sustainable local development in Intelligent Territories. Since its foundation in 1996, DOCUMENTA has consolidated an experienced cross-disciplinary professional team, forged through a methodology by its own, which combines reflection and action around four different lines of work: territorial analysis and strategic planning; integral service to entrepreneurs on training, employment and advising; European programmes’ design and management; active participation in development cooperation’s projects (



6. DIMITRA EDUCATION & CONSULTING S.A.: the company “DIMITRA” Institute of Training and Development S.A. (training organization) is the first private institution that was created in Greece in the sector of Vocational Training. DIMITRA has been offering his services until today to more than 4.000 individuals, investing in the growth of the human resources of the entire Greece. (



7. M.M.C MANAGEMENT CENTER LIMITED: the Mediterranean Management Centre Ltd was founded in 2002 aiming to have a significant contribution in the area of skills development as well as the advancement and improvement of its costumers through training and learning solutions as well as consultancy (



8. ABIF – WISSENSCHAFTLICHE VEREINIGUNG FÜR ANALYSE, BERATUNG UND INTERDISZIPLINÄRE FORSCHUNG: abif is an independent social science research and consulting institute with a clear focus on practical application of research. In 1999, scientists from different disciplines founded abif with the goal of creating an interdisciplinary network for conducting high-quality research based on a multi-methodological approach. They focus on research, evaluation, vocational info, methods, curricula and networks (