Key competencies

Key competencies learning

Different European approaches” is a project funded within the Grundtvig partnership program, to study thoroughly the numerous pedagogical approaches and the teaching methodologies adopted for adults’ learning. In particular, the project focus concentrates on two “umbrella” key competences : “learning to learn” and “communicate in mother- tongue”.



The project leader is a national authority of the French Ministry of Education, GIP Agévif, which operates in the district of Poitiers and the project partners are: E.Ri.Fo. research body specialized in distance training and in the promotion of lifelong learning initiatives; an Austrian association specialized in the valorization and management of diversity;INMAD; and a formative consulting society whose office is in Potenza., Link Consulting srl.

The project becomes concrete in the exchange of good praxis among the involved countries, to focus on new teaching approaches and methodological tools. The final product will consist in a “guide to the best adults’ training European praxis”, which will be published on line, on the official dedicated web site.

The partnership’s aim is to share, confront and, where possible, transfer educational tools and teaching methodologies developed and used in several European countries, for adults’ training and, in particular, within the key competences: “learning to learn” and “communicate in mother-tongue”.

As regards Italian contribution, ERIFO focused on distance training. In particular, in the context of a transnational meeting, held in Rome, ERIFO has organized a workshop at the National IAL, to show the functioning of . It is a public platform for e-learning, which offers free courses for self-education and updating of competences. To give substance to the transfer of practices adopted by ERIFo, it has been prepared a guide that explains the characteristics of ERIFO e-learning. 

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