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“L2L ENTREPRENEURSHIP” is an EU- Funded programme through Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.


The programme has been designed to support low skilled young entrepreneurs to develop and realize business ideas to be launched on the European and global markets. The partnership will produce a free training course that will provide tools in all the essential aspects of the entrepreneurship process leading to the creation of a winning Business Plan. The on-line training course will be available on an e-learning platform for young aspiring businessmen, trainees and also for expert trainers who can use it as a support tool for face to face lessons and for distance learning.

Motivations, Needs and Challenges.
The project was developed in the face of rising youth unemployment across the EU and it was identified that increasing the entrepreneurial spirit amount youth is one of the key means to support the European economy and to increase employment levels. The partnership of organisations from across the EU believes that successful entrepreneurial initiatives for young people can also learn from the results and experiences of a previous project called “Let’s, Learning to Learn”, for senior workers (www.letsenterprise.eu).

Main Aims

The L2L project aims are:

1. Supporting new business creation.
2. Increasing opportunities for professional development.
3. Giving the opportunity to be involved in learning activities.
4. Increasing the sense of initiative, self-confidence and employability of youth.
5. Strengthening the relations between education, training and the international businesses world.
6. Developing new and innovative methods and formal, non-formal and informal ways of teaching and training.

Main Activities

1. Research on the various national strategies for supporting business development for young entrepreneurs in all Partners‘ countries.
2. Transnational comparison and analysis of the results of the national researches.
3. Development of an innovative e-learning Training course to support young entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas and to be competitive in the market.

Main results

1. An increasing number of low skilled young people trained to develop their business ideas in different European countries.
2. Low skilled young people with more awareness, experience and professional skills through the participation in the on-line training course.
3. New documentation, resources and innovative methodologies available on a free platform for trainees and trainers.
4. Creative video lessons and testimonials.
5. An open L2L web site, containing information on the project, the aims, the activities, the results, the partnership and the training course during the life of the project and after.
6. Multiplier events to involve stakeholders and disseminate the project.
7. Dissemination materials, such as newsletters, press releases and brochures.