Let's Enterprise

Let seniors teach entrepreneurship through innovative storytelling approaches



Project Objectives:

LET’s is a pioneering project that enables low skilled adults to deal with the transformation taking place in the economy. This project represents a condition for full participation in society, to welcome and promote changes throughout life and to develop creative potential for personal fulfillment of adults.


The project aims at equipping adults citizens with the key competences to remain active in society, to promote their self-confidence and personal fulfillment and above all to strengthen the contribution of older people to the learning of others. It promotes the acquisition of critical entrepreneurship competencies by weak adult target, in order to improve their autonomy and their sense of responsibility.


Beneficiaries of LET’S project are adults coming from educationally or linguistically deprived backgrounds and the milestone of LET’S! is to bring their everyday life within training, in order to contribute to their increased participation in LLP.


Our target group is that of low skilled adults, able to transform ideas into action and able to creatively plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. Thanks to the approach adopted, a huge number of low skilled adults all over EU will learn how to take responsibility for one’s actions, how to develop a strategic vision and how to set objectives.


Moreover it is important to underline the contribution of this project to the employability. In fact, it intends to develop alternative learning approaches to integrate or reintegrate marginalized adults into society and the labor market through the provision of the entrepreneurship key competence. Contents made available through LET’S tool will give to those who are not on the labor market proper knowledge and instruments to develop their creative potential for personal fulfillment.