On 1 December 2013 started the project LIVORG. Un activity funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation.

Organic farming system is a promising and innovative mean of tackling the challenges facing the EU in the area of agriculture and food production. There has been considerable growth in the number of organic farms (OF), including livestock, in the EU over the last few years.

The main topic, object of the Project LivOrg, is the organic livestock management area. Organic livestock is right one of the areas where the skills of organic farmers are most important and most frequently called upon and where organic farmers are requested to have well skilled professional producers.

There are many practices and principles involved in this field, all of which are designed to provide livestock with comfortable and stress-free lives in accordance with their natural needs.

LivOrg Project aims:

1.1 Increase the awareness of organic livestock management area to meet the sector and policymakers’ needs in EU improving the system to be competitive with conventional processes.

1.2 Extend the sector skills alliance activities reinforcing the effective cooperation between OF and stakeholders.

1.3 Develop and deliver a specific-sector curriculum with a stronger package of “VET“ Units in organic livestock management area, strongly connected with EQF and ECVET system for the transfer and ion of organic farmers´ skills in EU.

1.4 Improve the quality of training systems through the development of innovative contents, methods and procedures within VET system in response to evolving skills needs.

1.5 Encourage the growth of an entrepreneurial spirit through a double transition:

• from organic family owned and managed business farming to the next generation family members;

• from conventional agriculture to organic farming.

[blockquote]LivOrg’s objectives are strongly linked to the already found needs analysis’ outputs and to the objectives of this Call. Project envisages the following 4 concrete objectives:

2.1 Designing and adapting of “VET” Units package for a new joint curriculum related to organic livestock management qualification covering production, processing and certification areas.

To contribute to the development of new solutions in VET system:

2.2 Designing and testing pilot VET courses through an integrated blended approach: classrooms, e-learning activities (indoor) supported by learning on the job methods (outdoor)

To ensure the highest possible relevance for all targets groups and stakeholders involved:

2.3 Defining a multi-actor approach, particularly thanks to a)the T.O.P Team activities; b)the initiatives of LivOrg strategic networking groups composed of skill-based Actors; c) the scientific workshops thematically organized between partners, targets groups and stakeholders

2.4 Designing and testing: a)business incubator laboratories where developing models of OF and entrepreneurial capacity building b)on-the-job training pathways and mobility for those new organic entrepreneurs who will apply the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme”

The main results of the LivOrg are:


-Two pilot counselling labs for innovative methods

-An Evaluation and Validation Portaolio

-A LivOrg Compendium

-LivOrg Video-Lessons and Trailer to present and promote the benefits of the training programs.