The framework of the Project is the strategic objective of the European Union to guarantee to every citizen the opportunity to acquire at least two foreign languages and also the specific aims of Erasmus+ to support the multilingualism as a strength for the sector of education and training at all levels.


The specific goal of Passepartout is the upgrading and strengthening of linguistic-communicative and methodological-didactic competences of trainers for adults in non-language subjects.


During the life of the project, from 17/11/2014 to 16/11/2015, 12 mobilities of staff training abroad were realized at European level, for staff and collaborators of ERIFO. The Passepartout’s partnership has put together different realities with a solid reputation at European level and with a proven experience in the sector of pedagogical and linguistic training.


The partners were from three different Anglophones European Countries:

Language in Group and International House Trust Ltd. In U.K., where it has been realized four mobilities;


Kenliworth Language Institute in Ireland, where it has been concluded three mobilities;


English Language Academy (ELA) in Malta, where it has been realized five mobilities.


All the activities of staff training abroad were realized through the CLIL methodologies and so the trainers were able to raise the level of knowledge of English, to acquire new teaching methodologies, to develop intercultural skills and to strengthen the technical terminology of their subject.


The project had a great impact on ERIFO’s beneficiaries: they acquired a superior level of English –on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – certificated by each Partner with the issue of a certificate. Two beneficiaries confirmed the level B1, other two have obtained the level B1 Higher, two have reached the level B2 and one participant had obtained the level B2 Pre-Advanced.


Another participant has taken the level C1 and his colleague has obtained the level C1 Advanced. A beneficiary stood at level A2. For many participants this was the first mobility experience at European level, as it emerged from the evaluation questionnaires, and this has contributed to support the enthusiasm and the active participation of all the involved people, with the hope of being able to take part in subsequent similar experiences.


Lastly, the project had a great indirect impact on the stakeholders, reached through the dissemination activities, and on ERIFO’s learners, more specifically teachers and administrative staff coming from other European countries, who will be able to attend innovative training courses in English with a CLIL methodologies, inserted in the catalogue of KA1 for the year 2015 – 2016.

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