One of E.RI.FO’s new challenges is to contribute to the passage “from precariousness to flexecurity”, which will be realized thanks to n.125 Law dedicated to positive actions. It is a project founded by the National Committee for Equality between male and female workers, it involves 8 actors and among them is ERIFO.


The Project Coordinator is Centro Italiano Femminile Nazionale (CIF)- Women’s Italian National Center; the other participants are:

–          Trade union ALAI-CISL
–          The municipality of Livorno
–          Ippogrifo association
–          The University of Florence- Psychology Department

The reasons of this project reside in the want, at National level, of social protection networks for atypical workers, a condition which underlines the precariousness perception. It is absolutely necessary to create new social safety nets able to safeguard the permanent and the flexible job, beginning to conceive and to give substance to active policies intended for the prevention of the “sclerosis” of a phenomenon that, if neglected, could produce catastrophic consequences at national level in the short- term.


“PRIUS – from precariousness to flexecurity” project moves within this prospect and its principal aim is the promotion of positive actions addressed to atypical women workers living in the province of Livorno. This intervention aims at encouraging the women’s “flexecurity” through social development interventions projected to improve their personal and vocational life conditions.

The project, analysing the international good praxis, identifying the atypical women workers’ demands and, especially, the disregarded rights and labour protections- aspire at testing in the area of Livorno, through territorial concert, the possibility to make of flexible job a vocational growth opportunity and a job modality integrated in the right and labour protections system.



The pursued strategy will be the creation of a network connecting civil society, enterprises, trade unions, public authority and local actors. It will be engaged to guarantee, through the subscription of  a “Solidarity pact”, the promotion of personal and vocational life quality of atypical women workers living in the province of Livorno,  from a “flexecurity” point of view.

The project, lasting thirteen months, will get to the formalization of a commitment- a Solidarity pact- signed by all the local stakeholders (Province of Livorno, Tuscany Region, Training Funds responsibles, the main territorial credit institutions responsibles, Enterprise Associations, Trade Unions and Trade Associations, third sector Organizations,  entrepreneurs, women with atypical jobs living in Livorno) – consisting in putting action aimed at improving atypical women workers’ life and vocational qualities into practice.


Below are the subjects on which those system actions will be about:


1.       Guarantee of mechanisms able to promote  lifelong learning for atypical workers,                        especially women (individual vouchers for example)

2.       Innovative certification modalities of the atypicals’ vocational path in terms of acquired                competences.

3.       Innovative modalities to guarantee “security” to flexible working relationship.

4.       The establishment of a “guarantee fund” to support the  access to credit by atypical                    women workers.

5.       Modality to guarantee a social income to out of contract subjects.

6.       Resolutions in insurance and supplementary pension matters for the atypicals’ reality.