Qualification of 3rd Sector in Europe


Qualification of 3rd Sector in Europe Grundtvig project is a partnership to promote and develop entrepreneurship training in the third sector.


E.Ri.Fo. ‘s contribution for the Q3 the project is realized in the implementation of strategies to promote the third sector. E.Ri.Fo. in fact realized an Agreement with the UNCI LAZIO to promote, upgrade and develop the third sector through digital communication. The product launched by E.Ri.Fo. takes the form of corporate videos that uses the power of storytelling as a tool capable of generating attention.


The videos are made with the technique of storytelling: tell the story of the company and the brand through the history of those who gave birth to the brand, through the history of the people working in the organization, through the story of those who use products and services of that organization.

Digital communication will aim to affirm the identity ‘of the organization and mutual valuing the social component of the third sector.

Read the Newsletter dedicated to the contribution of the project ERIFO for the Q3 project

Under the project was carried out in Rome in April 2012, a workshop dedicated to the redevelopment of the area clear:


Alessandro Amato – ERIFO


Cosmo Colonna – Cisl Nazionale


Maria Pia Fiacchini FONOPOLI


Nadia Tommasini – Imp.So. Lazio


Sara Pellegri_ – Unci Lazio


Speakers presentation