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Title: RAPPORT - Building Rapport to prevent early school leaving
Project No.: 527920-LLP- 1-2012- 1-IT- COMENIUS-CMP
Programme: LLP - Comenius

The project dealt with early school leaving by adopting an innovative approach, whose main
element was the relationship between schools and people with different experiences with respect to possible educational paths.

Rapport intended to develop 3 training and guidance products with the aim of strengthen the
relational and social capacities of youngsters at risk of school dropouts.

Project Objectives:

- to strengthen young people’s perception of scholastic education importance, with the aim
to raise the expectations and to stimulate not only the learning capabilities but also the
learning motivations;

- to support the families of at risk of scholastic dispersion young people with information
and training tools;

- to reinforce the teachers’ role in the prevention and conflict of the scholastic dropout
phenomenon, with teaching motivational tools planned for psychologically fragile

- to create innovative learning environments aimed at increasing the value of the training
pathways perception and at the rise of self-confidence;

- to boost the alliance among the world of school, enterprises, public authorities and the
associations representing the families through the establishment of a Committee of user,
which are developing a cooperation agreement for the exploitation of RAPPORT products
over the time and on a large scale;

- to foster the transfer of contents learned in everyday life, by means of the introjections of
the technologies mobility concept (from a laptop to a smartphone to a tablet), of social
space management (acting within the various groups and social network) and of
conceptual flexibility (passing from a thematic focus to another).

Project outcomes:

1. “Digital Storytelling: parallel lives” is composed by 32 videos containing digital
storytelling of men and women, coming form the same school and the same
geographic/urban area, of the same age and with the same socio-economic familiar
background in order to compare their parallel lives, with divergent destinies. In

each movie real protagonists, ex schoolmates, describe their personal/professional
story pointing out the consequences of the early school leaving at individual level.
The objective of digital story telling is to show how the consequences of early
school leaving have influenced their lives, reducing the chance of the participation
to the social, cultural and economic live, influencing their own income and
wellbeing and also that of their children.

2. “The second chance” is formed by a panel of 48 docufilms, supporting the didactic
of re-entry in the education system and supporting families with reference to the
importance of education. The product is designed for supporting interventions for
fighting the early school leaving with a second learning chance. Docufilms have as
protagonists ex-young who have stopped their studies but thanks to a second
chance have been able to develop their talent, at the advantage not only for them
but also for the economy and the society of which they are part.

3. “Apprenticeship pathways” includes initiatives with the aim to offer the possibility
to those who leave the studies to re-entry into an education/training pathway. The
product is focused on the valorisation of the experience of apprenticeship and
mobility in Europe through multimedia instruments.