Senior Intergenerational Social Capital: It is an innovative project answering to a problem that the whole Europe is facing: a constantly ageing population and the consequent need to implement active ageing strategies in order to avoid social exclusion. This report is addressed to all the organisations and companies involved in the issue, trying to find out active ageing strategies addressed to employees.


The aim of SISC is to exploit the potential of senior workers, especially if close to retirement, fostering the transfer of individual know how and competencies to new generations of workers within companies.

Thus, it is calibrating a tool overcoming two main obstacles:

make seniors acquainted with their own individual acquis, stressing their “shadow competencies”;

provide knowledge/tools for properly transferring them to new generations of workers, enhancing their will to contribute to intergenerational learning.

So, the main target of the project is made of EU senior workers close to retirement.

In the context of an ageing society it is particularly important to increase the value of competences and of expertise of senior workers by using them for the quality service for young people.

During the lifespan of the project, at least 80/120 senior workers will be e-trained on Mentoring, fostering their capability to identify and then transfer the owned competencies, experiences and social capital. Actually, they can transfer individual successes and obtain a great personal satisfaction; strengthen and put into practice own interpersonal and managerial abilities and extend own possibilities of success; be recognized as positive role model; expand individual horizons being stimulated by young workers’ questions.

Also young workers will benefit from mentoring programs within EU companies: they develop their own skills and benefit from seniors’ social capital; in particular they obtain: listening (somebody to compare with and from who learn), good advices and explanations (when they cannot find the right way by their own; advices strongly reduce obstacles met during own professional path), open doors (access to unknown information, or easy identification of right persons to apply), a different perspective (different and more experienced points of view). The tool, -available in 5 different linguistic versions- will guide seniors towards the discovering of own shadow competences, and a proper performance of the entrepreneurial mentor’ role within a company.

All the partners are contributing, according to specific expertises, to an on time and in budget development of results. From the 1st month of the project a Logical Framework Analyses has been produced, together with a dissemination plan clearly indicating methods and tools for reaching the target in a capillary way throughout EU.