“A tolerant world with the help of digital competences in the teaching of adults” is a project realised with the programme GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIP. 


In this project ERIFO has developed a module of the course on tolerance



Training goal:

This module will help you in understanding the complexity of the concept of Tolerance and in identifying, with your categories, limits and opportunities of such a concept. At the end of the module you’ll have started a personal reflection on this concept, so present in everyday life but

also very often mystified.

Training contents:

in this module we will provide you some basic notions on History, Sociology and Philosophy of Tolerance, in order to understand how this concept was born and developed in the West. These notions are not meant to be exhaustive of the scientific matter, which is too wide and complex to be summarised in a training module, but they represent some suggestions to reflect on the topicality of this concept in our everyday life.



In order to facilitate the impact and the dissemination of the contents, this module is built through multimedia technology. It represents a test of ERIFO’s approach towards a new e-learning storyboard, able to enhance reading, listening and personal reflection. Contents are told through videos and slides commented with simple dialogues; reflections are stimulated by an art short film. During the use of this module, you will be asked to write down some short reflections, in the form of a twitter, which we ask you to share with us, in order to create a Pamphlet which will increase everybody’s knowledge on how to live tolerance.