WBL Guarantee
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WBL GUARANTEE - Public-Private Alliance to GUARANTEE quality

of Work Based Learning


WBL Guarantee is a 3 years project aiming to develop, design and validate two curriculum
programs for the professional development of "in-company tutors" (SMEs) and "job-counsellors/professionals" (public/private sector) working with WBL measures in Europe.

The project identifies the new contexts (both in terms of current European labour market conditions and in the work-based learning measures and program delivered) that are impacting upon, and therefore changing, the traditional roles of employers/mentors working within SMEs and employment counsellors and professionals working in VET/employment agencies asking for an enhancement of their skills and capabilities -  with corresponding challenges for how this occupational profiles are to be developed, trained for and accredited across Europe.

The project therefore sets out a work program and a series of deliverables that will meet this

It brings together 5 partner Countries and 11 Organizations representing WBL Alliance in Europe and coming from different sector: Public Authorities with regulatory capabilities for VET/ALMPs;

VET/Employment agencies and providers; Social Partners representing SMEs and University. All
the partner organizations, with different roles and ways are involved in WBL measures at National and European level.


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