Validation Non-Formal and Informal Learning

ERIFO is an entity that offers services related to the recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning,withmethodology accredited by the Lazio Region (regional law G17521 of 13/12/2019)andcoherently with CEDEFOOP guidelines.These services provide an important opportunity for the citizen:the person’s right to recognition of learning acquired throughout life, regardless of the context where it was acquired.

To be formally recognized, learning must be demonstrable and verifiable.The learning certification process, in Lazio, is organized into two basic services:

  • Support through the recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning, in the view of a legally recognized certification, or with the goal of recognizing attendance or admission credits, in the case where the citizen does not have the necessary degree of education to access to a regional course;
  • Service of certification-access to a qualifying exam designed to release a certificate with legal value. In fact, the certification states – subsequent an examination – the non-formal and informal learning that a citizen has acquired, by issuing a certificate with legal value.

The certification process can only be activated at entities accredited by the Region and has several stages:

  1. Submission of application by a citizen to an accredited entity;
  2. Evaluation of the application, especially the coherence with the learnings or credits to certify;
  3. Support to the Identification and Description of Competencies;
  4. Construction of a dossier of evidences demonstrating the effective possession of the competencies;
  5. Evaluation and verificationof the documentation, eventually even with specific proofs attesting the learnings acquired by the candidate, in order to obtain attendance or admission credits, or a certification;
  6. In case of application for the certification – participation by the candidate to the qualifying examination.
  7. In case of successful exam, issuance of the certification.

ERIFO provides vocational trainingforvalidation practitioners. Courses offered by ERIFO enable the acquisition of a formal qualification, required to register in the “list” ofoperatorsauthorizedto implement the procedure of invidividuation, validation and certification of competences.