ERIFO Research and Training Organization - Third Sector Body


ERIFO ETS is a training provider accredited by the Lazio Region,who offers skill match services and Recognition and Validation of Non Formal and Informal Learning.

Since 2001,  ERIFO is active in the EU’s programme to support education, training in Europe and since 2021 is an accredited agencyin the ERASMUS programme for adult mobility.

For each learner, ERIFO uses customized teaching methods based on the individual needs, especially for users with special needs.Personalization of pathways takes the form of a specialized orientation, including either a skills/capability assessment, or the implementation of the procedure for identifying non-formal or informal skills, with the purpose of certification or personalization of the training pathways.

ERIFO is structured into four interconnected departments that are strategically interrelated to the achievement of the association’s institutional goals:

  • Continuous andvocational training, complemented by there cognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning. These servicesare aimed to the up-skilling e re-skilling of workers and unemployed, with the goal of contributing to quality and inclusive employment through the technical-professional development and the deepening of the key competences. Furthermore,ERIFO is an Assessment Centre authorisedby Lazio Region and values the work-based learning (WBL) experiences.
  • Services ofcareerguidance and support, to increase employability, empowerment and resilience in support of lifelong learning, for the enhancement and recovery of key and transversal skills, for the growth of active citizenship and the re-insertion into the labour market of all individuals identified by regional and EU regulations as “disadvantaged individuals”.
  • Internationalization of skills through participation in European programs, a strategy aimed at strengthening internal staff, trainers working in the area, and adult learners involved in basic skills reinforcement paths. With this in mind, ERIFO has joined the Network of Europe Points of the Lazio Region, established by Regional Resolution 561/2019, with the intention of facilitating – for entities, associations and public and private organizations in Lazio – the access to funding opportunities offered by EU funds, in particular, transnational mobility.To this end, a free information desk has been operating at our office since September 2021.


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